Enya Lachman-Curl is a painter, born 1990, who has exhibited in the UK and USA. 

She paints seething yet desolate landscapes depicting an imagined world reclaimed by nature and devoid of the presence of man, where ‘progress’ has surrendered to a state of entropy. Using intricate brushwork to suggest unknown, fantastical vegetation, she contrasts mutating, organic forms with hard edges and stark planes reminiscent of modernist architectural interventions.


Although these visions of a surreal future can be seen as meditations on the interplay between decay and re-growth, man and nature, structure and disorder, her paintings are equally concerned with ideas of memory and nostalgia.


Informed by her own nomadic childhood, moving between the bog-grass-covered mountains of Ireland, the diverse volcanic terrain of Oregon, USA, and the hard urban landscape of London, her paintings are at the same time reflections on the psychological repercussions of switching between these disparate, conflicting environments.


The subject matter of her work is underpinned by a strong appreciation for the materials she employs. By grounding herself in their history and heritage, investigating traditional methods used for creating paints, pigments and supports, she ensures this essential part of a painter’s craft remains a central part of her studio practice.