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Details TBC - Video piece DIVE January 2020

Enya Lachman-Curl’s artistic practice is rooted in composition, form, and colour; she creates oil paintings that sit between stillness and visual density, drawing connections between seemingly differing threads of the same conversation. 

Gathering fragments of our environment, like a gardener or an obsessed lover, Lachman-Curl aspires to communicate a sensual intimacy in her work, using paint’s elusive fluid quality to capture a feeling of transience. Influenced by nature’s ephemeral, nuanced qualities, her work often dances between figurative and abstract. Capturing the landscape’s anthropomorphic quality to create transparency, allowing individual discovery.

Throughout her work elements surface, subside, recur, and change, each painting is intended to undermine or accent the others, retaining singularity within a cohesive but shifting network of conceptual inquiry and material concerns. Currently expanding her practice into large-scale immersive installations, Lachman-Curl is beginning to explore painting through a series of scientific, architectural, and audio-visual collaborations.   

She has exhibited in San Francisco - USA; Bristol, Glasgow & London – UK; her paintings feature in numerous private collections. Her studio is based in Hackney Wick, East London. She previously held studios in San Francisco, Glasgow, and Bristol..